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Fresh FAQs

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below to answer any questions you may have.

What about covering sickness?

We always have a cover engineer so should your engineer be off sick, they can be covered by one of our other engineers. If the school is happy for the engineer to just make the time up instead, then this can be done as well in instances of short sicknesses or that time can be used as project work time during a school holiday. We always make sure the schools always gets the time they have paid for.

How often will you visit the school?

We can visit the school as often as you like. The standard is for a weekly visit one day a week. However you can have us for two, three, four, or five days a week. Additionally you could have us for one half day a week or one full day a fortnight. We base our pricing on time, not the specific task, so if you have a lot of computers, you will probably need more time, however if we have got you school up and running to an excellent standard, then you may only still need us for just one day a week.

Do we always have the same engineer?

Your engineer is probably the most important part of the service we provide to your school. We provide each school with their dedicated engineer who will build up a rapport and understanding with the school. On days when your dedicated engineer cannot be onsite, we have engineers that can cover, for example during holidays, sickness etc.

Can you save us money?

ICT service that provided value for money. We can save schools money in a number of ways and are pricing is very competitive. If you can find a better price for a comparable service provider, let us know and we will look to match it. We do help save money in other ways though, for example from our advice in how to save money with your printers or projectors. One additional service we provide is the facility for schools to actually generate money from certain initiatives that we can provide to schools. Please arrange a meeting to discuss this further.

Do we have to take all services with you?

You can pick and choose which services you would like to receive from us, however there a cost savings if you take one of our packages and also additional discounts if you were to buy in to a three year contract for example.

Will you teach the children?

We run an ICT Club which does teach the children and if a school would like for our engineers to help with teaching or hold a class on a certain topic then this can be done. In addition we also can teach the staff how to use things, either at Insets, during a lunch, after school etc.

Can we share our engineer with another school?

If your schools are on the same site, then you can share an engineer and the cost of that engineer. We can also provide a service where schools within a certain distance of each other can make share out their time with schools. As an example, if a school has an emergency but does not have the budget to pay for the work, they could ask the school the engineer is in that day and see if the school will swap a day with them for time. This works well and provides an excellent link between the schools which helps our aim of building up community connections. We have a number of engineers that work in certain areas and can share their workload with schools in that area as well as resources. For example a school that is getting rid of computers might be able to donate them to another school.

We are not local, can you support us?

If you have a look at the Area Covered section you will see we have a certain area we can provide ICT solutions to, however a number of our services can be provided regardless of the geographic location of your school. We are always looking to expand, so if you can get three or more schools willing to buy into our services in your area, then we will look to employ, induct and train and employee in your area. Please contact us for more information.

Can you provide free quotes?

Yes we do. We can provide you with quotes and we always source from a number of different distributors and a number of manufacturers. So if you need a price for a desktop computer, we could, for example, provide you with a quote for a Dell, Viglen and Lenovo which helps schools with their audit trails.

Do you offer finance?

We want to buy some IT equipment for the school but do not have the money to do it in one go, can I arrange some form of finance? thru(syscap partnership)


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"Fresh truly deliver a one-size fits all approach when it comes to supporting ICT in schools..."

Jonathan Refson – IT Co-ordinator

Byron Court Primary School


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