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Virtual Desktops, Servers and The Cloud...

What is Virtualisation?

In computing terms, Virtualization means create a virtual version of any resource or device that can be accessible and usable by end users such as virtual operating system, virtual Server, virtual storage device, and even virtual network. If you have many drive on your computer, that means you are using kind of virtualization technology because your computer’s hard disk have been divided virtually into many drives.

Virtual Server & Desktops

Server Virtualisation, is defined as the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers. In Server Virtualization the resources of the server itself are hidden (or masked) from users. Software is used to divide the physical server into multiple virtual environments, called virtual or private servers. One common usage of this technology is in Web servers.

Desktop Virtualisation, sometimes referred to as Client Virtualization, is defined as a virtualization technology that is used to separate a computer desktop environment from the physical computer. Desktop virtualization is considered a type of client-server computing model because the virtualized desktop is stored on a centralized, or remote, server and not the physical machine being virtualized. Desktop virtualization "virtualizes desktop computers" and these virtual desktop environments are "served" to users on the network. Users interact with a virtual desktop in the same way that a physical desktop is accessed and used. Another benefit of desktop virtualization is that is lets you remotely log in to access your desktop from any location.

Cloud Computing

Instead of buying and installing different packages of software for each computer, you can load only one application. That application would allow staff to log into a Web-based service which hosts all the programs the users would need to do their jobs. Remote machines (in the cloud) would run everything from e-mail to word processing to complex data analysis programs, all what you need is simple computer to run the cloud interface software and to logon in to the cloud and enjoy all available applications.


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