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TECHNO TIP: 21/05/2013

TechnoTip: If you don't know who an email is from, don't open it!

TECHNO TIP: 20/05/2013

TechnoTip: Run a defrag on your computer at least once month.If you regularly move data around on your disks, defragment once a fortnight to keep disk consistency and a smooth running PC.

TECHNO TIP: 17/05/2013

TechnoTip: When buying a printer, make sure you consider the cost of ink cartridges and know how many pages they will print before you buy the hardware. A value offer now might end up costing you more in consumables in the long run!

TECHNO TIP: 16/05/2013

TechnoTip: When buying a new PC, make sure you consider the primary use for the PC before you buy the hardware.

A low spec may seem frugal but you may end up having to buy those upgrades within the first 6 months of ownership. Likewise, a high spec machine purchase may seem like a sound 'futureproofing' exercise but bear in mind no hardware lasts for very long in today's evolving PC hardware market.


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