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Primary School ICT Checklist

Use our handy but consise checklist to evaluate the condition of your current IT setup and also identify the areas that need attention

  • Do you have Disaster Recovery and offsite backup (unlimited)?
  • Do you have unlimited version control (on software)?
  • Do you have a government approved remote access solution?
  • Do you have a reliable wireless system?
  • Do you have effective printer management?
  • Do you have a capable AV system in the hall?
  • Do you have current strategic planning for ICT linked to the school's aims?
  • Do you have access to the latest technology and advice?
  • Do you have a VOIP telephone system?
  • Does your school have an ICT club?
  • Is your school utilising virtual technology to streamline its costs?
  • Are you in a consortium that helps keep your costs down for hardware, software and licencing purchases?
  • Do you good data security? How do you know?
  • Have you considered getting your school ICT Kitemarked?
  • Do you get an engineer provided for your Ofsted visits?

  • Do you have a reliable network infrastructure?
  • Have you got a tablet or portable solution?
  • Are you aware of the expiration of the Microsoft products?
  • Are you aware of the cost saving licensing Microsoft is now offering?
  • Do you have a strategic ICT plan for the next year, two years, and three years?
  • Do you get regular strategic meetings with the management of your ICT contractor?
  • Is your current ICT engineer approachable and technically able?
  • Do you get regular updates from your ICT contractor or engineer?
  • Does your school have an up to date and user friendly website?
  • Does your school have Q&A teaching inset days?
  • Does your ICT support focus on curriculum, not just tech?
  • Is your current ICT contractor just plugging holes and putting band aids on things rather than pushing your school forward?
  • Do you even know what is happening in your school as far as ICT is concerned?


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Jonathan Refson – IT Co-ordinator

Byron Court Primary School


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